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What’s in the dark?? Why are we so afraid of it?
What will be our choice? Run away? Or face it?

There is a good definition for this..
Darkness - is understood to be an absence of visible light.

For some people, the meaning of darkness is problems.
Their choice is either to run away or stand still.

For me, yes. It can be described as a problem but particularly, it’s a challenge.

There was a night that I was talking to my crush (Lol) and then he asked questions. It was about the mind. What to respond and some representations are in. Imagining some situations, he said, (not the exact words but here’s what I can recall.) You’re in a particular place where in it is dark and, you suddenly heard a voice. In the dark, there are stairs that leads down to some place. What will you do?
Can’t remember if the voice was saying help or maybe crying. But in my imagination, it’s scary..

For some reasons, darkness is what binds us in fear. And fear shouldn’t keep us paralyzed.

We should respond without fear. :)) We really are called to light up the dark. We are destined to stand and fight. :)

What’s in the dark?
It’s where the narrow door is.

Why are we so afraid of it?
We’re so afraid because when we enter that door with curiosity and fear of the voice that’s inside of us, that’s the time when we start to panic. To know that faith leads to victory and panic leads to downfall.

What should be our choice?
We SHOULD stand and fight. In that way, we’ll be able to light up the dark.

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