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Past.. It affects the future of some people. (They say)

We often like to look back at our past.
Might be bitter, sad, happy, painful, joyful, broken or so.

Some of us tend to look where will our past leads us. Some of us thought, that our ruined past ruins our future also. How will we feel COMPLETE? How will we be able to stand on a still future? Where does our broken past leads us in to?

Today, we have read a story about a bitter child to his father because the father wasn’t the kind of father that the child wanted him to be. But then, he learned to appreciate his father in the end.

We had an activity at our school where we have to describe our father and write it in the blackboard. I wrote mine as “Sacrificial” and I have this classmate that until now, she’s bitter and angry that her father left her. She wrote “A father should be the one who understands first.” She was crying after she wrote that on the board.
But just so you know, she was determined to have a better life without her father. At 8th grade, everybody hated her for her attitude and now, I realized that we all have out own battles and I knew that her battle was to fight against the bitterness and the anger that’s left in her heart.

I remember what my dad told me back when we were fighting a lot, “I know I have a lot of short comings to the three of you but, look at me. I’m suffering for this sickness because of working too hard just to provide for your needs.” I was crying that time.

Those words struck me and now, it’s what makes me a better person.

My classmate had a bitter past and she carried it along the way as she walks. The lesson that I learned from her story was: “Don’t let your broken past ruin your future but, don’t get hold of bitterness and anger in your heart. It’s one of your downfalls.”

That past is really less of your future, because God has promises. Just let him work on your behalf, let your past make your future brighter than ever. Let your past make up greater dreams to planted, let your faith be bigger than your past. I guess not all of us are experiencing this kind of circumstance, but we all have and, it should be a lesson to all of us. Don’t be afraid to trust God. Don’t isolate yourself. Look outside that window where you can see light. God’s promises are bigger than your broken pasts.
Move as God works on your behalf. Be dependent.
You’re complete in Christ. Your family might be broken but Jesus said it’s finished.

Don’t be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. -Unknown


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