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Out of my comfort zone…

The moment I woke up this morning, I was thinking about the things that I have to do. Review, laundry, assignments, notes, pray, bible, some of the chores and everything. But, I just came down stairs and watched with my little sister then suddenly after I drank my hot choco, my mind keeps telling me, “Raya, get up. Get out of your comfort zone.”

I guess it wasn’t my mind. 

It was God telling me to go, get out of my box of Shane and let go of the tension and the grief that keeps holding me.

So then, I prepared my hoodie, my bike, my keys, my phone, my earphones, myself then ready to go.

The time I got out of the house, I felt like the road outside was a big race and those high roads were the challenges. I was whispering to myself, “Go Raya! Kaya mo yan!”

I biked down to different streets that are close to our street and our house, then later on, to mental. Then, while I was on my way home, I was crying and then on my way, I met my friend’s dad and my other friend’s mom. They were smiling at me and I flashed a smile back and It felt good. When I got home, God told me,

See? Outside is where you can get love. Your value is in me alone. Your battles are just temporary and I am forever. When you were calling your friends, they didn’t answer your call. You didn’t call me, but I was there for you. I was there beside you. Those high roads were the challenges and you won’t be able to pass that challenge if not for the strength that I gave you. It was hard right? But then, you thought comfort comes from the things that you have, that you weren’t able to let go of, the things you do everyday, and you thought comfort comes when you stop obeying and start sinning. Now I’m asking you to trust me and see that I’m greater than your challenges. Your sins are forgiven. Your impurities are washed away. You ARE pure now. If you are worrying about your impurities, don’t be. I already suffered for, that my princess. Remember all of my promises, have faith in me. I am your peace. Let go of your sorrows and your heart breaks. I’m here child.”

Indeed, God’s promises are bigger than our battles. Open up your eyes. It’s not just you. It’s not just me who has a lot of struggles. But somebody’s there facing a bigger battle than us. 

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